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Edward Tait is a British composer, currently studying with Jacques Cohen at The Purcell School. He has previously studied with acclaimed composers Deborah Pritchard and Brian Elias. He has had a number of orchestral pieces played with the Purcell Sinfonietta, such as his orchestral works "The Night Hunter" and "Mo Li Hua". Tait has also branched out into film music, having re-scored the 1902 silent film "Le Voyage dans la Lune", by George Melies, which is currently being recorded.

As a side project, he composed the first full arrangement of Holst's "The Planets" suite for solo piano, which can be purchased through NoteWelder.com. He is also working on a number of other arrangements for solo piano. Other notable works include his vocal suite "English Verses", his short film score "Caledonian Voyage", and his String Trio, which he is in the process of writing another movement to.

He has a sideline career as an entrepreneur, notably coding websites for musicians and local businesses, selling products, and conducting the sale of small businesses. Primarily, he created the sheet music website NoteWelder.com, and is the founder of the online debating platform CounterU.com, still currently in development.