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Composition Work

Listen to some Tait's most recent works.

"One Spirit Voice" – an electronic work, which uses the harmonies and modes of Ralph Vaughan-Williams. The title originates from the poem "The Lark Ascending" by George Meredith.

"One Spirit Voice"
Composed by Edward Tait in September 2022.
Performed at The Purcell School in October 2022.

"Interlude" – a short work for piano trio, using 5th and 6th intervals as the basis for its harmonic development. It was performed at the Purcell School in early 2023, alongside another work using similar intervals by composer Edward Longstaff.

Composed by Edward Tait in January 2023.
Performed at The Purcell School in February 2023.

"Passage of Time" – a short fantasia for string quartet, inspired by a seminar with Joe Howard.