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Crenark Hill (Op. 25)

for Orchestra

Year of Composition: 2023
Duration: 5 minutes
Premiere: March 23rd 2024 ; St. Andrew's Church, Chorleywood

Composer's Notes:

Crenark Hill was written at a point at which the composer was beginning to lean into national and folk music, as a tool to shape his emerging compositional "voice". At heart, the piece is a setting of two Scottish tunes, one being a flighty and playful dance, first heard in the Flutes, and the other being a solemn and harmonious fanfare. Underpinning this, the harmony alternates mostly between just two chords, Eb and Bb, like a massive extended pedal throughout the piece, which is emphasized by the sharp cut-off at the end, as if it could continue forever. Together, these features combined together to create a perplexing and unique "celebral fanfare", to quote one critic.

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